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Stella FiguresStella Figures
Stella Figures Sale priceFrom €119,99
Save €200,00Stella Glass LampStella Glass Lamp
Stella Glass Lamp Sale price€199,99 Regular price€399,99
Stella MirrorStella Mirror
Stella Mirror Sale price€1.999,99
Save €15,00Tabatha CupTabatha Cup
Tabatha Cup Sale price€34,99 Regular price€49,99
Save €300,00Tala Stone LampTala Stone Lamp
Tala Stone Lamp Sale price€299,99 Regular price€599,99
Talia CupTalia Cup
Talia Cup Sale price€59,99
Talia Cushion
Talia Cushion Sale price€69,99
Talia PaintingTalia Painting
Talia Painting Sale priceFrom €29,99
Tallulah ChairTallulah Chair
Tallulah Chair Sale price€699,99
Talula CushionTalula Cushion
Talula Cushion Sale price€109,99
Talula TableTalula Table
Talula Table Sale price€3.399,99
Tayen SofaTayen Sofa
Tayen Sofa Sale price€1.499,99
Save €2.500,00The Ania LampThe Ania Lamp
The Ania Lamp Sale price€1.899,99 Regular price€4.399,99
On saleThe Balloons SculptureThe Balloons Sculpture
The Balloons Sculpture Sale priceFrom €89,99 Regular price€119,99
Save €110,00The Bird LampThe Bird Lamp
The Bird Lamp Sale price€89,99 Regular price€199,99
Save €180,00The Chess SetThe Chess Set
The Chess Set Sale price€259,99 Regular price€439,99
On saleThe Cigars BoxThe Cigars Box
The Cigars Box Sale priceFrom €159,99 Regular price€219,99
Save €30,00The ClockThe Clock
The Clock Sale price€89,99 Regular price€119,99
Save €40,00The Cocktail setThe Cocktail set
The Cocktail set Sale price€99,99 Regular price€139,99
Save €70,00The Cutlery SetThe Cutlery Set
The Cutlery Set Sale price€289,99 Regular price€359,99
The Diana Crockery dishThe Diana Crockery dish
The Diana Crockery dish Sale price€399,99
Save €200,00The Doberman SculptureThe Doberman Sculpture
The Doberman Sculpture Sale price€559,99 Regular price€759,99
Save €110,00The Dog VaseThe Dog Vase
The Dog Vase Sale price€119,99 Regular price€229,99
Save €1.000,00The Giraffe LampThe Giraffe Lamp
The Giraffe Lamp Sale price€899,99 Regular price€1.899,99
Save €90,00The Glass ChessThe Glass Chess
The Glass Chess Sale price€119,99 Regular price€209,99
Save €170,00The Gorilla LampThe Gorilla Lamp
The Gorilla Lamp Sale price€169,99 Regular price€339,99
Save €300,00The Gorilla Wall LampThe Gorilla Wall Lamp
The Gorilla Wall Lamp Sale price€199,99 Regular price€499,99
Save €30,00The Hanging MonkeyThe Hanging Monkey
The Hanging Monkey Sale price€159,99 Regular price€189,99
The Hippo TableThe Hippo Table
The Hippo Table Sale priceFrom €1.699,99
Save €50,00The Hourglass SculptureThe Hourglass Sculpture
The Hourglass Sculpture Sale price€99,99 Regular price€149,99
The Ingrid Crockery SetThe Ingrid Crockery Set
The Ingrid Crockery Set Sale price€599,99
Sold outSave €150,00The Lizard LampThe Lizard Lamp
The Lizard Lamp Sale price€89,99 Regular price€239,99
Save €140,00The Mabbie Marble LampThe Mabbie Marble Lamp
The Mabbie Marble Lamp Sale price€259,99 Regular price€399,99
The Man SculptureThe Man Sculpture
The Man Sculpture Sale price€149,99
Save €160,00The Marble ChessThe Marble Chess
The Marble Chess Sale price€359,99 Regular price€519,99
Save €30,00The Metal Candle HolderThe Metal Candle Holder
The Metal Candle Holder Sale price€239,99 Regular price€269,99
Save €200,00The Metal GlobeThe Metal Globe
The Metal Globe Sale price€399,99 Regular price€599,99
On saleThe Modern Candle HolderThe Modern Candle Holder
The Modern Candle Holder Sale priceFrom €39,99 Regular price€59,99
Sold outSave €240,00The monkey LampThe monkey Lamp
The monkey Lamp Sale price€259,99 Regular price€499,99
On saleThe Navaja Wood CutleryThe Navaja Wood Cutlery
The Navaja Wood Cutlery Sale priceFrom €69,99 Regular price€89,99
Save €270,00The Swan LampThe Swan Lamp
The Swan Lamp Sale price€229,99 Regular price€499,99
Save €100,00The Tic Tac ToeThe Tic Tac Toe
The Tic Tac Toe Sale price€299,99 Regular price€399,99
The Tissue BoxThe Tissue Box
The Tissue Box Sale price€59,99
On saleThe Whisky GlassThe Whisky Glass
The Whisky Glass Sale priceFrom €29,99 Regular price€45,99
Save €60,00The Whisky Lover SetThe Whisky Lover Set
The Whisky Lover Set Sale price€99,99 Regular price€159,99
The wood dishThe wood dish
The wood dish Sale price€49,99
Save €170,00Topanga Stone and Wood LampTopanga Stone and Wood Lamp
Topanga Stone and Wood Lamp Sale price€149,99 Regular price€319,99
Save €800,00Ula Table
Ula Table Sale price€1.699,99 Regular price€2.499,99